Flashlight Search


Flashlight Search is a set of modules that lets portal developers create a personalized search experience. The alternate search portlet provided by Flashlight has been designed to be fully customizable, from its user interface to the way the search results are processed.

Although it reuses Liferay's own search engine, it presents results in a totally different way.


  • Application Display Templates enabled. Rewrite the whole view layer if needed.
  • Reuse Web content templates to render search results
  • Define how documents are rendered as search results
  • Integrate as many search forms as you need in themes, without embedding any portlet
  • Create your own search result processors using dynamically registered OSGi components
  • (Experimental) Reuse built-in Liferay facets
  • Continuous search result page with "Load More"-type behaviour
  • Instanceable. The portlet may be put anywhere, any number of times.
  • Provided Javascript can work without Liferay's Javascript frameworks.
  • Self-documented portlet with a Help screen.


The portlet needs to be configured before any search result is displayed. Refer to the portlet's "Help" mode for a configuration guide and the portlet's "Preferences" mode to access the configuration.

The "Help" mode also contains guides for developers who may wish to override the portlet's views or behaviour.

Screenshot notes

Shown in the screenshots is a Flashlight search instance with a custom ADT laying out results side-by-side and Web contents using a template based on Liferay's Lexicon/Clay examples.

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