• Labs: This app is experimental and not supported by the developer.

Liferay Automatic Migrations (LAM) is a tool for developers and portal managers.

LAM is a component that lets you define your configuration and 'tech' content in a DSL and store this properly alongside the code for your project. Just deploy the scripts as a module and the component will make sure the portal is updated with the current version of the DSL scripts. It is quite similar to existing tooling in the SQL world, like Liquibase or Flyway.

In real life, projects that implement a Liferay portal will often have to deal not only with a few particular portlets, or hooks, but deliver the whole package of a working, interacting site. So this also includes configuring roles, user groups, custom fields, page sets, structures, templates etc. There are some tools/techniques available in Liferay but they do not cover the whole spectrum.
LAM is the answer to this burden.

It is a solution both for the flow of the various stages of production deployment (development -> test -> acceptance -> production) as well as for synchronizing the development between project members.

To use it, please follow the steps described in the documentation at https://github.com/finalist/liferay-lam/blob/master/README.md#usage

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