Thumbnail Generator

The Thumbnail Generator will help you overcome the limitations on thumbnails creation imposed by Liferay. It allows you to create an unlimited number of thumbnails in a totally customized way.

Requirements :
You need to install the ImageMagick library. Go to, select an executable depending on your operating system and follow the wizard.
On Unix, you can also install it by package manager, ex: apt-get install imagemagick.

Configuration :
Before using the Thumbnail Generator, you have to configure it. Go to Menu -> Control Panel -> Configuration -> System Settings -> Thumbnail Configuration. Add at least one file type (ex: jpg) and one command line (ex: img_480:convert ${inputFile} -resize 480×270 ${outputFile}) and save the configuration.

Note : on Windows, the 'convert' command may execute a program other than ImageMagick. To call the right command, replace 'convert' by 'magick', (ex: img_480:magick ${inputFile} -resize 480×270 ${outputFile})

You are now ready to use the Thumbnail Generator !

Add an image in your application and try to get the thumbnail that was automatically generated by adding the parameter 'thumb=img_480' in the URL of the image. (ex: http://localhost:8080/documents/20147/0/test.jpg/0d72d709-3e48-24b3-3fe6-e39a3c528725?version=1.0&t=1494431839298&imagePreview=1&thumb=img_480)

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