Staging Checker

  • Security Enabled: This app uses Liferay's PACL Security Manager.
  • Disclaimer: This app was submitted by a Liferay employee but is in no way affiliated with Liferay, Inc. or its affiliates.
Version: 0.7
Staging checker allows Liferay admins to check staging-live sync status.
It scans both staging and live from local staging sites and displays:
  • objects only in staging
  • objects in live
  • objects in both sides but outdated.

In order to obtain the necessary data, this portlet compares primary keys, modified dates, status, version and other related data of data of both sides.

Before executing analysis, you can filter by entity or site.

Known limitations:
  • Staging remote is not supported, this portlet only works with staging local.
  • Sharding: Some minor issues can be detected when using sharding.
Latest Changes

New portlet version checker that warns about new available version of Index Checker in Liferay Marketplace
Refactor servicebuilder-reflection and servicebuilder-query-data-shared libraries
Portlet refactor: New configuration.yml config file and replace ModelQuery with *Helper classes

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