Quota control

Quota control is a hook developed by the Liferay Spain User Group (LSUG), with the special collaboration, among others:

  • Alberto Martínez Ballesteros (ballesterosam@gmail.com).
  • Patricia Hevia (patrihevia@gmail.com).
  • Luis Mas (lmas@it2b.es).
  • Borxa Varela Bouzas (borxa@varelabouzas.net).
  • Miguel Ángel Pau (miguelpau@gmail.com).
  • Moises Belda (moisesbelda@gmail.com) .
  • Albert Coronado (acoronadoc@gmail.com) .
  • Juan Fernandez (juan.fernandez@liferay.com).
  • Adolfo Pèrez (adolfo.perez@liferay.com).
  • Juan Gonzalez (juangon@gmail.com).

This hook will allow to having more control over the total size of files uploaded to Documents & Media, in both site scope (Regular, Organization or User) and instance scope.

Additionally, it enables alerts configuration. Users with some configured roles will receive notifications whenever a used size percentage over the total assigned size had been reached.

Latest Changes

Liferay 7 GA4 support.

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