NABUCCO Mobile Workflows

NABUCCO Mobile Workflows allows access to your Liferay Workflows everywhere and can be integrated into your existing system. You can watch, edit and distribute your tasks on the iPhone, the Apple Watch or other Android powered Devices through a simple interface that is easy to handle.
• You do not have to log in on complicated portal pages
• Be always up to date without a desktop
The NABUCCO Mobile Workflows app contains an overview of your tasks, role tasks and the complete metadata. You can also trigger any workflow transitions, reassign tasks and review the content of tasks.

To use NABUCCO Mobile Workflows you need the following additional requirements.
• Liferay
o Liferay Screens Compatibility Plugin (Liferay Marketplace)
o Public access to Liferay JSON Api (Liferay / Infrastructure configuration)
o A User to Log-In
• Mobile Workflows App (iOS, Android)

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