Vimeo Channel

Vimeo Channel portlet was developed by XTIVIA, the 2012, 2013 & 2014 Liferay North America Partner of the Year. Vimeo Channel portlet makes it easy to embed Vimeo videos into Liferay pages. The user channel, number videos and display options can be configured to optimize the visual appearance of the video and allow for things like full screen playback.
This app will appear in your Application menu once installed. You can see the video directly in the popup of the page.

Key Features:
*Displays list of videos for a Vimeo channel.
*Can search videos from the list based on search keywords to display a subset of the original list of videos.
*Displays the video directly in the popup of the page
*Searches for a channel to find a match even if the exact channel name does not exist
*Can configure number of videos, channel summary display, display options, colour font banner and height box.

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