Document & Media Angular Portlet

Disclaimer : This app is compatible with Liferay SP 11 and lower.

Document And Media portlet is a single page application developed by Surekha Technologies by using AngularJS with the goal to speed up document and media management in Liferay portal.

Liferay’s Document And Media portlet refreshes the whole page when we perform any actions on the portlet. So it renders all the other portlets and slow down performance of portal. In this portlet, Ajax calls with Liferay JSON web service are used. Any action can be performed without reloading the page.

To get started with this portlet, please do following configuration :

Set below mentioned property in file.
1) json.service.auth.token.enabled=false
2) Deploy it on your server.
3) Now you can manage your document with easy and fast way. :)

Key Benefits:
- Easy to use
- Easy to deploy
- Major Performance improvement because our portlet does not refresh the whole page
- Easy Document Management
- Increase user experience
- Minimum response time

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