Multi Domain CAS Login Filter

Multi domain CAS login filter hook plugin is developed by Surekha Technologies to enable multi domain SSO functionality.

Problem: OOTB Liferay supports a configuration option only for single “CAS server name” property (Single Site/Host) where we can provide a CAS server name which is used by CAS to redirect user back to designated sites after successful authentication. This can be a problem as we all know that in Liferay we can have multiple sites set up in a single Liferay instance. In multi site Liferay environment, the user will always be redirected to a site which is mentioned against CAS server name regardless from where the user tries to login.

Solution:To overcome this issue and achieve the common requirement of multiple domain SSO, we have created hook-plugin which will redirect the user back to the same site from where the user tries to login. Plug-in also provides a configurable option ( from the portal-ext property file to redirect user back to site (with an assumption it is enabled in CAS server as well) or CAS logout page based on property value.

Key Benefits:
- Easy to use.
- Easy to deploy.
- Multi Domain CAS SSO.

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