Chart portlet

Charts are effective visual tools for presenting information, summarizing results, and revealing trends and patterns in data. The Chart Portlet is the one-stop solution for all your data visualization needs! It offers maximum flexibility through a range of configuration and customization options and an intuitive user-friendly interface that makes it easy to generate and display a variety of charts anywhere on the Liferay portal.

Highly configurable, this portlet allows you to choose from different data source types including relational databases via JDBC, Groovy scripts, REST web services with JSON or XML, and CSV files; first enter the details of the data source from which you wish to obtain a certain data set and produce a chart. You can then choose the type of chart to present the data from a variety of available charts including the pie chart, donut chart, bar chart, column chart, line chart, area chart and gauge chart. After choosing the type of chart, you can configure the fields of the chart, e.g. the axes or labels, and you can specify a sort order for some of the fields. Furthermore, you can add a Refresh time in the configuration to ensure that the chart gets refreshed at regular intervals and thus always reflects the latest data. You can then preview the chart that is generated and customize its colors before saving it. Upon saving, the finalized chart gets published on the portal but can still be configured at any time for modifications.

The Chart Portlet is a portlet written using Vaadin 7 to be deployed on any Liferay server. It supports English, French and Russian.

Latest Changes
  • Liferay 7 support;
  • 9 new chart types: Spider web, Solid gauge, Scatter, Pyramid, Gauge 2-axis, Heat map, Funnel, Bubble, Table;
  • 3D charts mode;
  • New session variables in SQL requests for chart personalisation, ex:
SELECT * FROM TABLE_NAME WHERE FIELD1 = ${themeDisplay.getScopeGroupId()}SELECT * FROM TABLE_NAME WHERE FIELD1 = ${user.getExpandoBridge().getAttribute("customAttr")}
  • Utilization of Liferay cache to store chart data when auto-refresher is on;

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