Liferay Skinny JSON Provider

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  • Labs: This app is experimental and not supported by the developer.

Liferay's Skinny JSON Provider app provides streamlined representations of your portal's Web Content Articles and Dynamic Data Lists. It gives you lean essential asset data that you can quickly process and analyze.
On installing the app, its JSON web services are available. You can invoke these services from any client that supports JSON. Liferay's page for the JSON web service API has forms that let you try the services. This page also shows you what the client code looks like in JavaScript, cURL, and URL formats.
That's the "skinny" on Liferay's Skinny JSON Provider!

Latest Changes
  • LPS-42790 Permissions window that is not a pop up frame does not save modified settings
  • LPS-45269 ExpandoValueLocalServiceUtil.getData throws NPE if column is null
  • LPS-47835 As a developer, I would like access to the original asset when creating an actiivty
  • SOS-2017 Marking an announcement as read in Oracle will cause the announcement to be inaccessible in the portlet
  • SOS-2322 Adding more than one blog entry throws exceptions and causes subsequent blog entry activities to not show up

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