Evernote Organizer

The Evernote Organizer app allows users to review/edit/delete their existing notes or create new notes. Also allows to create new Notebooks. The app uses the official Evernote SDK for Java (which contains wrapper code) to call its Cloud API. For security reasons, the user has to authorize the app to access their Evernote account.


The Evernote Organizer app renders a list of existing notebooks along with corresponding notes using the Evernote Cloud API services.
The app allows the user to preview the content of a Note along with options to Edit/Delete.
On choosing to Edit, the app will redirect the user to Evernote site which allows editions only on selected Note. Besides, the app also supports to create a simple Note/ Notebook.
In order to perform these actions, the app needs an access token to respective Evernote account. For security reasons the token is restricted to portlet session, in other words user has to obtain a new access token upon next visit/login.
The number of Notes loaded per Notebook can be controlled by a configuration parameter as detailed below. A "load more" URL can be used to obtain further items.

You need to get keys from Evernote in order to be able to use this app. The setup process is documented here:


Latest Changes

New feature: Help page.

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