Liferay CE Calendar

Liferay's Calendar app allows users and organizations to create, track, share, and manage events. In addition, the Calendar app supports notifications, integration with Social Office, and staging. As a user, you can create as many calendars as you need. As an administrator, you are able to manage the scheduling of Calendar Resources such as rooms and projectors. All content from the old Calendar portlet is automatically imported into this new application.

Latest Changes
  • LPS-31715 Enterprise Calendar - Search field under Other Calendars is returning inconsistent and incorrect results
  • LPS-37842 Calendar action menu is missing the icons
  • LPS-39341 Getting warning message on startup while Running Calendar SQL scripts
  • LPS-46591 As a user, I should be able to change the time zone of a calendar
  • LPS-46700 Quick view popup dialog does not retrieve event resources and invitees
  • LPS-46845 Adding a comment to a calendar event causes LAR import to fail
  • LPS-50948 By default, site calendars should use the portal time zone and user calendars should use the user time zone
  • LPS-50990 Calendar portlet, "Show X more" is not translated
  • LPS-51127 First day of the week for repeated Calendar events does not match the one chosen from the Calendar configur...
  • LPS-51222 Calendar event displays incorrect "Calendar" when switching between two events
  • LPS-51405 Invitation emails are not being sent through Calendar Portlet
  • LPS-51509 Deleted users who created Calendar Events will break the Calendar upgrade to 6.2
  • LPS-51572 Trying to search calendars in the "Other calendars" fails if user has not Power User role
  • LPS-51603 Calendar events are not showing up after upgrading from 6.1 to 6.2
  • LPS-51783 All Day Events details are inaccurate when changing the User Timezone
  • LPS-52201 All Day Calendar Event shows as Starting at (UTC-timezone) in SO Activities portlet, RSS and emails
  • LPS-52290 It is not possible to execute arquillian test in legacy plugins
  • LPS-52409 Repeating events in December will break when upgrading from 6.1 to 6.2
  • LPS-52446 Label for calendar bookings appears wrongly in the Export / Import window
  • LPS-52517 Calendar's month view should display only as many weeks as needed
  • LPS-52673 Calendar - misalignment and inconsistency with the way dates are displayed across views
  • LPS-52706 Calendar - ee-6.2.10 month view missing
  • LPS-52711 Calendar - Mobile view. Add Event button is cut off when display is too narrow
  • LPS-52713 Calendar - The date is overlapping border in agenda view
  • LPS-52760 Add Gradle Wrapper to SDK
  • LPS-52916 Improve Calendar mobile view
  • LPS-53057 As a portal admin, I should be able to make all site's calendar events approved by default
  • LPS-53072 Outlook ICS file won't import because Liferay attempts to use UID from ics file as UUID in Liferay
  • LPS-53216 As a developer, I'd like to upgrade Arquillian to 1.1.6.Final in order to support JUnit 4.12
  • LPS-53238 UpgradePortletPreferences will not run for Calendar Plugin
  • LPS-53253 Calendar - Calendar event change dialog incorrectly displaying property text
  • LPS-53443 Calendar fails to display with JavaScript error
  • LPS-53568 Only calendars from the current site and current user should be available in the event edit window
  • LPS-53596 Calendar: Event creator gets duplicated notifications.
  • LPS-53704 An UpgradeProcess should be created to add sensible values of time zone ids to calendars
  • LPS-53728 Updating the name of a Site does not update the name in the Calendar
  • LPS-53863 Calendar portlet setup exception: SQLSyntaxErrorException VEVENTUID
  • LPS-54194 PortletToolbarItem are not displayed nicely in light color scheme in classic theme
  • LPS-54981 Calendar event display: how CSS class for event status is handled when an event occurence is made up of mor...
  • LPS-55163 A Power User cannot add an event by clicking the "Add Event" button when the default Site Calendar ("Lifera...
  • LPS-55203 When deleting a site, events should be removed from the calEvent table as they are from calendarBooking.
  • LPS-55357 Calendar - Events in Recycle Bin show up in RSS feed
  • LPS-55359 Calendar - Add Event button creates 1 hour event regardless of "Default Duration" setting
  • LPS-55437 The CalEvent importing process fails if there is more than one event in a site
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