Context path migration portlet

If you ever have been doing migration of a Liferay portal including migration to a new context path, you have for sure faced the problem, that none of your web content articles did not work no more and all your internal links and images were broken. In an average public web site, where you have 1000+ web content articles, the manual correction of broken links can take days.

With this tool you will be able to migrate all of your web content articles by specifying one, or more organizations/communities and the old and new context path. In few seconds your whole web site will be migrated to new context path and all your connections will be alive again.

This tool is available as a portlet, which is after deployment automatically accessible in control panel without any need of configuration. Is compatible with all major releases of Liferay portal.

• Standard Liferay portlet plugin
• Compatible with all major Liferay versions
• Hot deployable/undeployable
• Accessible in Control panel

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