Cookies Policy Notification

The new European Directive 2009/136/CE ( urges to alert to the user and ask for an approval of the current portal Cookies Policy. According to this Directive, the Cookies Policy Notification Portlet notifies every user who access to the portal for the first time the terms of the Portal Cookies Policy. The notification may contain a message which includes the reason, a link to any other page where the complete policy would be explained (i.e.: how to remove or disable the current portal cookies) and also a tacit consent therefore I accept this policy if I continue accessing portal pages.

To configure this portlet we need to set the following properties:

  • “”:
This property represents the Web Content Id which will be displayed as the notification message. Previously, you have to create this new Web Content, through the Liferay Web Content Portlet
  • “”:
This property represents the name of the cookie which will be used to check the Cookies Policy
  • “cookies.policy.notification.max.age”:
This property represents the time the cookie will be enabled

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