Webstar Newsletter portlet is a feature rich, open source product that was created with the aim of meeting the requirements of a standard newsletter module.

Features include:
Built-in Liferay tag support.
Built-in Liferay localization support.
Built-in newsletter template system (header/content/footer).
Support for saving draft newsletters.
User/subscriber management.
Newsletter content is generated from existing web content.
Newsletter category management.
Subscription is possible for individual categories.
Admin can send newsletters to subscribers of several categories at the same time.
E-mail confirmation to several categories can be done in a single step.
Registered (Liferay) users don’t need to confirm their e-mail addresses.
If a subscriber of a newsletter registers on the page (becomes a Liferay user), his/her user account retains previous subscription preferences.

The project was created from scratch with Maven portlet archetype, uses Maven Service-builder plugin, and the latest PrimeFaces and Liferay Faces framework currently available.

Bug report and suggestions for improvements are welcome.

Latest Changes

subscription url and unsubsripiton url fixed

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