Extended Authentication settings

This plugin provides additional settings for user authentication mechanism in Liferay, such as allowed access time, allowed IP addresses to login, simultaneous login count for each user.

Maximum number of simultaneous sessions for each user, by default 0, which is means session count is unlimited.

Can be configured in portal-ext.properties with key auth.user.max.session.count=2
0 value disables session count limit
Also can be configured for each user separately through custom fields of user. Setting specified for user overrides global setting.

Restrict user access allowing to login only from specified IP addresses

Each user can be configured from Control panel through custom fields. Supported values are IPv4 and IPv6 single values, range values or CIDR notation, for example:

Allow to user work with system only for specified period of time

This option also available in custom fields of user within Control panel. To apply this option to work, you should set attribute 'Access by date enabled' to True

Latest Changes
This version was prepared with help from Devon County Council and Jose Campos (@biorus). Major changes in this version:
  • Mirgation to Liferay 6.2
  • Added option to avoid extended checkings for admin users.
  • Some bug-fixes and code optimizations.

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