Liferay MongoDB Store

Liferay MongoDB Store integrates Liferay’s Document Library with MongoDB. Developed by CIGNEX Datamatics, Liferay Platinum Partner, this application configures document library to store information in MongoDB.

Liferay MongoDB Store is the first integration of Liferay in the NoSQL space.
Much like Liferay integration with other content management solutions, Liferay MongoDB Store allows users to access the stored documents offline. You can also access the information outside your Liferay environment.

MongoDB being a JSON style data store, documents stored in database can have varying sets of fields, or different type of each field.

Features of Liferay MongoDB Store
• Data safety/Failover: Automated recovery files stored in the system through replication/redundancy
• Unstructured Documents: Documents distinct in structure can be easily stored and retrieved
• Scalability: Storage of high volume of documents, videos, images without affecting performance

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