Gmail Portlet

This portlet will give you access to your GMail folders. After authorizing you will be able to choose the Gmail folder you would like to display, whether it is your Inbox, Sent mail, Starred mails or a folder you created. By clicking on an email, a new tab will be opened and the selected mail will be shown in Gmail.

The portlet can be used for personal GMail accounts and google apps for Business accounts.

More and more companies are switching to cloud based solutions. Google apps for Business is one of the leading cloud mailservers. Improve the user experience of your portal by allowing your users to view their email on their personal page.

The portlet has a styling which is minimalistic and easy to the eye. It fits in a wide range of existing portal themes.

The Gmail Portlet is user friendly and configuration is intuitive for all users.

Key features :

  • Show all mails or only unread mails
  • Configuration in portlet preferences
  • Administrator can give rights to specific users and groups
  • Open mail in new tab by clicking on the mail in the portlet
  • Multiple portlets can be placed on one page, each with other preferences.
  • Live update, configurable refresh rates
Latest Changes

Compatibility with Liferay 6.2

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