RSS Merger Sorter

Out of box RSS portlet provides options to display rss feeds from different sources. However they are displayed grouped manner per feed-source. RSS Merger Sorter application hooks out-of-box rss portlet and adds options to merge feed entries from different sources and possibility to apply sorting on them. If merging, instead of grouped entries, all merger/sorted entries are displayed in single bunch.

List could be large: There is option to limit maximum number of merged entries to be displayed, so you can achieve that take 10 entries from each SourceX, SourceY, SourceZ rss sources, merge them and show latest (sorted on date/title) 20 entries only.

Existing functionalities of out of box rss portlet remains same. Merging only performed if you like by checking checkbox.

Merge and sort configurations are now provided separate. End user have list view and detail view possibility..

Additional Info:
Application Type: Hook
JSP: Hooked configuration.jsp and view.jsp of rss portlet and additional jsp file to provide merging and sorting.
Language: Support en and nl languages. Added 3 new keys (merge-feeds, merge-feeds-sort, num-of-merged-entries) for configuration window.

Latest Changes
  • New option to see list view or detail view of feeds (performs expand and collapse feature)
  • Configuration: Merge and sort settings are provide in separate panel
  • Additional language support : Spanish

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