Display Liferay Language Keys

Language Hook that displays the Language.properties keys instead of translations.
Very usefull for non-techs to search te related keys in pootle.
In order to make it hot deployable we sacrificed the en_GB Language (not actively maintained)

  • Install this Plugin Hook
  • Control Panel >> Portal >> Portal Settings >> Display Settings >> Available Languages add "en_GB"
  • Switch language of Portal page by prepending /en_GB/ eg: www.mydomain.com/en_GB/web/guest
Searching in Pootle:
  • Select white arrow next to search box . Select "locations"
  • enter key found

Direct by url

Note: for those who do not know this feature is already available through

# Set this to true to disable language translations. When a translation is
# requested for the key "first-name", instead of returning "First Name" in
# English (or in its relevant locale), it will return "first-name".

Which is not so convenient because you have to run 2 servers to check

Latest Changes

Updated for 6.2

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