Dutch Translation

Dutch Translation

This translation is achieved thanks to the following members of the Dutch Liferay User Group:
Translation Leaders
Marcella van den Berg www.liferay.com/web/marcella
Corné Aussems www.liferay.com/web/corne

Translation Contributions (ordered by level of collaboration)
# Dimitri Tischenko (624)
# Wieteke Den Uijl (396)
# Ruud Kluijvers (141)
# Remco Nabuurs (133)
# Ruud Rietveld (82)
# Arno Broekho (46)
# Peter Mesotten (20)
# Jos Groenewegen (13)
# mbeelen,cquarles, kristofverbraeken

And the financial support of Liferay Platinum Partner Componence Services B.V

Suggestions or want to collaborate?
See Documentation and Support URL's

Related to a PACL/Glassfish issue which is currently under investigation (LPS-39137). For now, the short-term workaround is below.
1. Start Glassfish with security manager
2. Make sure portal.security.manager.strategy is set to "liferay"

Latest Changes

Including latest Community suggestions and improvements backported from 6.2 translation proces

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