MultiDevice Carousel Portlet

Carousels provide an interactive way of cycling through visual elements and are an effective means of communicating information to users. Aimdek's MultiDevice Carousel Portlet module makes it very easy to get an image carousel up and running in no time flat. This Carousel portlet allows you to configure images for different devices like desktop, tablet and mobile. It also allows to configure time interval to scroll images.

  • Setup/Configuration
1. Add Carousel portlet in any page of liferay site 2. Open configuration of portlet
3. Set Height of banner image if It is fixed. Or keep this value 0 for auto adjustment and better resolution
4. Add banner interval value in seconds. This interval second use for auto sliding banner
5. Click on “Add Banner” button to add more banners
6. While you add a banner, You will see 4 fields, Banner URL, Desktop image, tablet image, mobile image. Banner URL is an optional field. If you want a clickable banner and want to redirect on link while clicking on banner, Add URL here. Banner URL is different for each banner. Keep it empty where you don’t want clickable banner
7. You can choose different images for desktop (771 px or more width), Tablet(420px to 770px) and Mobile( 420px or less). If these banners are the same in all devices then You can choose the same image for all three options.
8. Save
9. In Case if Images are not stored and bannerImageFolder is not created in Documents and Media automatically then create bannerImageFolder folder in Documents and Media and repeat above steps to create banner.
10. To adjust the banner in full screen, update the look and feel of the portlet. Open Look and feel from portlet settings. Click “General” -> Edit “Application Decorators” to “Barebone”. Save.
  • Note:
1) For Liferay 7.1 , We might have to create bannerImageFolder folder(root folder) manually in Documents and Media.2) Sometimes Liferay throws “com.liferay.document.library.kernel.exception.FileSizeException” if you select a large image for banners.
To resolve that we need to increase max allow file size from liferay configuration. Please find below steps to do that.
Control panel -> configuration -> System Settings -> Infrastructure -> Upload servlet request. Increase “Overall Maximum Upload Request Size” as per your requirement.

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