Document Notifier

The Document Notifier allows a user to alert other site members by email of a new document or a document update. Using a simple action on the document, the user can select among the site members or user groups the people to be notified and add a personal comment. This comment along with direct links to the document and containing folder are sent by email to each of the selected site members.


  • Notify by email other site members of a new document or document update
  • Choose to notify all site members or select only certain ones
  • Select also by user groups
  • Add a comment to your notification
  • Email is sent individually to each user and not using CC or BCC
  • Direct links in the email to the document and the containing folder for quick access
  • Fully integrated hook with the document library
  • Uses the server mail settings
  • Available in English, French, German and Portuguese. Other languages available upon request.
Latest Changes
  • Nicer notification email design
  • Added ability to send to user groups
  • User list no longer paginated

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