Valamis CE - eLearning for Liferay

Please note that Valamis CE has no support, no warranty and is missing some enterprise only features. To get supported Valamis Enterprise Edition with new enterprise only features you can get Valamis EE trial from our website or contact us

Valamis is a social learning environment for sharing and receiving knowledge. We want to help people to share knowledge and learn using Liferay platform. You can use it as your organizations social learning environment. You can also use it to encourage individuals collaboratively to share tacit knowledge which cannot be found from books, but which is a combination of experience and wisdom. Our goal is to get people to talk to each other, learn from each other regardless of time and physical location with the help of Valamis environment.

Latest Changes
The new release includes new features, especially for Lesson Studio, and general UX improvement. One of the biggest changes has been done to Lesson Studio, which now enables responsive content design for three device types: mobile, tablet and desktop.

Other features and improvements include, for example, managing studio elements and slide titles, using Liferay articles as text element and arranging lessons manually. Moreover, importing questions from Moodle to Valamis environment is now possible.

Check full release notes for 2.6 version on Valamis website:

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