1) Problem
In Liferay OOTB there are no way to capture current screen as document, so user can use it and take reference as offline.By using this component user can capture current screen as PDF file and automatic download in local file system.

2) How to use
This component helps liferay user to capture the current screen of any Lieray portal page. This functionality is just a click away using this component.

  • Setup/Configuration
Below are the simple steps to configure and use this functionality. • Deploy in liferay running server.
• Add Portlet/App into page from admin panel.
• Click on Icon (to capture the screen as pdf)
• File automatically downloaded into local file system
  • Screen shots
• System flow in manner to easily understand to those who use this component or look at documentation.

3) Advantages
• User can capture screen in PDF file and download it.
• Use as Offline reference document of liferay portal.
• Use as Documentation for represent accurate data and look & feel of live screen.
• It will more useful while screen have data representation like graph, statistics, status or any list with designing.
• Save user time to go online and check screen every time.
• Liferay user can embed this component to reuse more in theme, hence available this facility in every page by default. No need to manual add this portlet in every page.
• Use document as data or screen analysis.

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