Liferay Hypermedia REST APIs

The Liferay Hypermedia REST APIs app exposes a new breed of RESTful hypermedia APIs that interact with Liferay services. These APIs let developers consume Liferay services in a straightforward and flexible way. For example, developers can consume portal resources like sites, blogs, pages, and users via fully RESTful APIs that support several response formats like plain JSON, JSON-LD, or HAL. What's more, these APIs are evolvable and can change over time with minimal risk to most clients that consume them.

This app has no visual component in the portal. After installing it, you can begin accessing the APIs via the home URL http://[host]:[port]/o/api.

Latest Changes
  • LPS-102388 Create toJsonString() method for dtoObject
  • LPS-102577 Add batch support for Headless APIs
  • LPS-103252 Add Builders for map creation
  • LPS-103302 Use ListUtil.fromArray instead of ListUtil.toList
  • LPS-103420 Link Nodes in GraphQL APIs
  • LPS-103809 Talend Batch Component needs Vulcan Engine to leverage OpenAPI specification output with meta data on data ...
  • LPS-103874 Return all languages in a REST request without AcceptLanguage header for structured content
  • LPS-104217 RESTBuilder GraphQL classes don't compile if relation is not ID
  • LPS-104390 SF error in headless
  • LPS-105193 GraphQL is not exposing descriptions
  • LPS-105225 Endpoint to list all the aplications
  • LPS-105228 Use external code in taxonomies and organizations
  • LPS-105233 Exception mappers returning XML
  • LPS-105235 Revamp permissions update array
  • LPS-105237 Remove siteId from GraphQL
  • LPS-105297 Allow relationships with creator types in GraphQL
  • LPS-105304 Serialize lists in client resources
  • LPS-105380 SourceFormatter Improvements
  • LPS-105719 Use JSON as default in all API endpoints without needing to configure an extension
  • LPS-105982 GraphQL exposes wrong URLs in StructuredContent
  • LPS-106128 Conflict when using same name as existing Liferay portal entities
  • LPS-106382 StructuredContent created with Headless APIs does not allow to be assigned as a workflow tasks
  • LPS-107326 Code duplication in ContentStructure
  • LPS-84119 SourceFormatter improvements
  • LPS-92096 As a consumer developer I can manage message boards from a REST API
  • LPS-94142 Rename email to emailAddress
  • LPS-98387 Example JS application with GraphQL APIs
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