Liferay Hypermedia REST APIs

The Liferay Hypermedia REST APIs app exposes a new breed of RESTful hypermedia APIs that interact with Liferay services. These APIs let developers consume Liferay services in a straightforward and flexible way. For example, developers can consume portal resources like sites, blogs, pages, and users via fully RESTful APIs that support several response formats like plain JSON, JSON-LD, or HAL. What's more, these APIs are evolvable and can change over time with minimal risk to most clients that consume them.

This app has no visual component in the portal. After installing it, you can begin accessing the APIs via the home URL http://[host]:[port]/o/api.

Latest Changes
  • LPS-84119 SourceFormatter improvements
  • LPS-85973 As a Developper I want to create FilterProviders from models differents than Structured Content
  • LPS-91627 Propagate description, queryparams and info to OpenAPI doc
  • LPS-94274 org.junit.ComparisonFailure when asserting expected values
  • LPS-94587 Tech Review
  • LPS-94857 Add support for expando fields
  • LPS-95092 Draft backport of Headless APIs
  • LPS-95133 Evaluate Form Rules
  • LPS-95820 Apply the language fragment pattern to each group with an app.bnd file
  • LPS-96369 Write openapi definition for change tracking collections and the endpoints
  • LPS-96481 Turn on disabled Source Formatter checks and apply across private repos and subrepos
  • LPS-96546 Add support for locale in GraphQL endpoints
  • LPS-96627 Upgrade GraphQL version
  • LPS-96628 Support pagination in GraphQL
  • LPS-96632 Support filter, sort and Search in GraphQL
  • LPS-96636 Add support for complex data types in GraphQL
  • LPS-96637 Include relationships support in GraphQL
  • LPS-96698 Add tests for GraphQL
  • LPS-96699 Javadoc Documentation
  • LPS-96738 Version Unique GraphQL endpoint
  • LPS-97115 REST resource interfaces should be marked ProviderType
  • LPS-97900 Expose WikiPage and WikiNode REST API
  • LPS-97971 @Context for JAX-RS is slowing down boot up
  • LPS-98024 Add SF rules for YAML: Sort parameter types(in:path, in:query...)
  • LPS-98104 Unify "sort" parameter name in REST and GraphQL
  • LPS-98447 Rename GraphQL mutations using non HTTP related verbs
  • LPS-98602 Log main exceptions in APIs
  • LPS-98614 Bad names in enums in GraphQL
  • LPS-98871 Wrong GraphQL relation between organization and web-url
  • LPS-98907 Rendered template shows relative URLs
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