is a Liferay module that helps testers to test their Liferay based solution. It consists of:

  • A Control Panel portlet that allows an administrator to create new personas. Each persona has a JSON based data context that can be retrieved via an API.
  • A Persona Sign In portlet, backed by an Application Display Template to allow an unauthenticated tester to sign in as a persona from a public page.
  • An autologin hook that signs in the persona. In the process, a Liferay user is created based on the persona's details.
  • An OSGI declarative service that mock implementations of services can use to return mock data based on the data context of the currently signed in persona.
  • A REST interface of the service so client-side or external applications can retrieve the persona's data context remotely.
  • A template context contributor so the persona's context can be read from FreeMarker article and theme templates in Liferay.

All persona profiles are stored in OSGi configuration, so they can easily be transferred between server environments and they can be centralised in source code management platforms.

Currently, is only available for Liferay DXP 7.1. was launched at Liferay Devcon 2018 in Amsterdam.

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