Social Graph

Social Graph provides an overview of your business network. Recognize relationships and benefit from instant access and direct interaction.

Social Graph presents a user’s multidimensional relationships to organizations and its units, sites (communities) including Liferay direct friendships. Extend your Liferay portal to an tremendous internal B2E and appropriate external B2C/B2B network. Combine whatever belongs together!

• Interaction within anybody’s network
• Explore connections
• Drill down to existing user and organization pages
• Instant access and immediate interaction
• Implement agile organization models
• Categorize organizations
• Discover organization structures
• Address relationships as group and communicate
• Customize easily and flexibly
• Graph from an organization's point of view
• Search complete database
• Dynamic loading / combining of graphs
• Highlight neighborhood
• Supports Agile Org Designer - design and visualization of agile organization structures
• Supports Social Map - integration of Social Graph data in Google Maps

• Time savings by direct P2P or group interaction provided
• Complete network landscape visualized
• Suitable for all types of organization structures
• Empowers collaboration
• Bridging of other portals
• More engaged workforce
• Open talent marketplace: search any network

Use Cases:
• High tech
• Financial Services
• Telecom
• Media and Entertainment
• Automotive
• Politics
• Armed Forces
• Terrorism-Fighting
• Money Laundering
• B2B/B2C/B2E
• Frontend for visualization Data Science and Analytics

• English, German (integrated help)

Focus on Digital Collaboration! Social Graph combines visualization with information, communication and interaction. It fosters networking and enables working most efficiently in any agile enterprise or community.

★ Your Digital Workplace, integration of other products ★
Combine Social Graph with our other products, Agile Org Designer and Social Map! Design agile organization structures with Agile Org Designer - integrate Google Maps with Social Map on user- and organization-pages, provides integration of Social Graph data.
• Agile Org Designer
• Social Map

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Digging into diversity by speedy multidimensional analytics and graphical navigation!

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