Agile Org Designer

Design agile organization structures by drag & drop.

Transform to an agile organization: maintain a stable top-level structure but replace much of your traditional hierarchy with a flexible, scalable network of teams. Agile Org Designer will assist you to design different organization models such as Adhocracy, Holacracy and Meritocracy - and - it provides great visualization!

Agile Org Designer adds the following affiliation types besides the standard Liferay Parent/Suborganizations:
• Dotted Line Parent / Dotted Line Child (directed)
• Dotted Line Horizontal same level cooperation (undirected)

The app consists of a data-table for selecting and loading organizations - and a canvas to design the affiliations between loaded organizations.

Organization head setup is also integrated in the user interface, as shortcuts to standard Liferay control panel forms.

Agile Org Designer structures are fully supported by Social Graph (LR7/DXP, LR6 version on marketplace). The app operates standalone or beside our other products.

• Visualize your entire organization structure - or parts of it
• Setup and maintain agile structures
• Easy organization selection, search/sort/filter/multi-selection
• Visualization powered by a physics engine, free to play with data
• Supports Liferay-style and new loose affiliations (Dotted Line)
• Create affiliations simply by drag & drop
• Setup Liferay parent- and suborganizations
• Setup loose affiliations (Dotted Line)
• Set organization head (leader role free configurable)
• Popup forms to add user, organization, organization role
• Configuration options, setup form

• Straightforward definition of agile organization structures
• Provide complex or direct collaboration styles
• Work in a network of teams
• Visualization of complex networks designs
• Foster transparency, communication, collaboration
• Implement organizations as living organisms
• Provide a stable and dynamic organization model

Use Cases:
• High tech
• Financial Services
• Telecom
• Media and Entertainment
• Automotive
• Politics
• Armed Forces
• B2B/B2C/B2E

• English, German (integrated help)

Easy setup and visualization of agile organization structures. New affiliation types besides Liferay parent/suborganization model.

★ Your Digital Workplace, integration of other products ★
Combine Agile Org Designer with our other products, Social Graph and Social Map! Social Graph provides network visualization and immediate interaction - Social Maps integrates Google Maps on user- and organization-pages and provides integration of Social Graph data.

• Social Map
• Social Graph

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