Podcast Extension for Blogs

  • セキュリティの有効: このアプリケーションはLiferay's PACL Security Managerを使用しています
  • 実験的アプリケーション: このアプリは実験的で、開発者によるサポートはありません
  • 免責条項: このアプリケーションはLiferay社員が投稿していますが、Liferay社、もしくはその提携会社とは関係ございません。

This application is a simple extension to the Blogs portlet and enables blogs to publish podcasts. By entering Enclosure URL, length and type, these will be displayed at the blog post and added embedded in the RSS feed for the blog.
This application utilized Custom Fields (Expandos). The required Expando fields will be generated on startup.
If you have more custom fields for Blog Entries, they will be shown together with the podcast enclosure fields in the order defined by Liferay's internal order of those fields. The blog entry's "view" will show the custom fields that it knows about in an abbreviated form, e.g. it comes with an icon for enclosure type "audio/mpeg" that will be shown as demonstrated in one of the screenshots.

Sourcecode is available in the uploaded WAR file and on https://github.com/olafk/liferay-podcasting-hook

Application's icon CC by-sa 2.0 de http://de.wikipedia.org/wiki/Datei:Podcastlogo.jpg / http://podcastlogo.lemotox.de/ - thanks!