Dutch Translation

Dutch Translation

This translation is achieved thanks to the following members of the Dutch Liferay User Group:
Translation Leaders
Marcella van den Berg www.liferay.com/web/marcella
Corné Aussems www.liferay.com/web/corne

Translation Contributions (ordered by level of collaboration)
# Dimitri Tischenko (624)
# Wieteke Den Uijl (396)
# Ruud Kluijvers (141)
# Remco Nabuurs (133)
# Ruud Rietveld (82)
# Arno Broekho (46)
# Peter Mesotten (20)
# Jos Groenewegen (13)
# mbeelen,cquarles, kristofverbraeken

And the financial support of Liferay Platinum Partner Componence Services B.V

Suggestions or want to collaborate?
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Related to a PACL/Glassfish issue which is currently under investigation (LPS-39137). For now, the short-term workaround is below.
1. Start Glassfish with security manager
2. Make sure portal.security.manager.strategy is set to "liferay"


Including latest Community suggestions and improvements backported from 6.2 translation proces