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Multiple domain hosting improvements

Multiple Domains #

Currently there is no way to adminsistratively separate 2 distinct domains (within same JVM) these domains would / could be run by different companies (with distinct company id). I believe I can do this with theme with a setting in the xml for specific company. (but this is compile/build time)

Two important factors are to be able to hide / show specific portlets + themes to each portal admin.

The goal is that 2 (or more) sites can have different portals + themes without seeing what may (or may not ) be availble to the other.

(it would be best if this were a deploy time setting rather than a compile time setting) When you deploy a theme or portlet, you could be given the option of doing so to a limited audience.

this would enable liferay to better compete with PHP style sites that take few resources to run (and thus are inexpensive) and truly have it run more as "software as a service"

I have not looked into this change but I do think it would be a great benefit in relation to the effort required to do it.

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I agree, it shouldn't be a compile/build time... Tarkan Corak 2010/10/20 1:23

I agree, it shouldn't be a compile/build time issue. It should be configurable via the Portal Administration after one Module was deployed. I think it's a security issue. As a Service Provider you would be able to decide which module is visible for each Portal Instance.
投稿日時:10/10/20 1:23