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Flex BlazeDS Integration

Project Description#

This project would integrate the ability to create portlets specifically designed to use Adobe's Flex (Flash-based Web Application framework). This would allow the portlets to have rich Flash content, and be able to display uniformly across all web browsers. A further development of this project may one day allow for the entire Liferay portal structure to be displayed in a single Flex container, but this is not the focus at this stage.

The second component of this project would allow for the use of Adobe's BlazeDS: So that the Flex framework will be able to access DAO Web Services from Liferay portal via Adobe's AMF protocol. These Liferay services would be generated AMF classes similar to the SOAP and JSON classes currently built by ServiceBuilder. This generation process could easily be integrated into the current ServiceBuilder process. And perhaps options can be added to select which versions of the generated services the developer wishes to be built.

Project Requirements/Objectives#

1. The logistics of using these two technologies will first have to be fully analyzed to ascertain the true benefits, as well as the difficulties.

2. This should begin on a small scale with a few individual services and portlets, and grow from there.

Initial Project Scope#

The initial scope is to implement individual portlets using this strategy. The future scope would possibly be to implement the entire Liferay portal with a Flex container, thus affording an enhanced and uniform visual style across all web browsers.

Discussion of Design/Implementation Approach#

1. Analyze the functional efficiency of using Flex framework within a Liferay portal.

2. Test and analyze use of BlazeDS to access DAO objects from Liferay services.

3. Implement several individual service-portlet components completely using this paradigm, and test result.

4. Once stability is assured, integrate paradigm into core Liferay.


On my Blog (, I have posted the steps necessary to create a Liferay Portlet with BlazeDS. The Portlet access a public Web Service. I am using BlazeDS as a proxy for WebService access, but the configuration would work also for RPC, Messaging and Httpservcice data access.

Blog post is : <a href="">Liferay Portlet using BlazeDS</a>

Francois Andry | Posted on 11/14/08 3:51 PM.

I have also recently (dec 08 - Jan 09) added more material on including:

- BlazeDS and secure Web Service access - Flex Web Service Introspection Wizard and BlazeDS

both posts are related to Flex/BlazeDS based portlets using web services that run in Liferay.

Francois Andry | Posted on 1/8/09 8:05 AM.

We have very successfully integrated Flex into our new portal. You can see one of the integration components at We have many more underway. Its a very nice combo.

Paul Timothy Preiss | Posted on 2/7/09 12:30 PM.

Hi we at esberi just creates a flex-blazeds-spring template which can be plugged with liferay plugin sdk 5.2.2 to code generate the portlet. For information you can look at my blog on it

Mohammed Khan | Posted on 5/14/09 1:47 PM.

FlexibleLiferay: Flex+AIR Portal Container for Liferay

Did some work on: "allow for the entire Liferay portal structure to be displayed in a single Flex container"

Have a start on a Flex+AIR based portal container for Liferay

(non AIR, Flex+Browser possible too, in FlexibleDashboard base project uses flex-iframe project for html display instead of AIR's webkit based HTML control )

Also see the article Main:Developing Flex Applications in Liferay Portals

Steve Reiner blog:

Steve Reiner | Posted on 11/4/09 11:33 AM.

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