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Document Library Improvements

If there is a feature on this list that is important to you, please leave a comment stating so OR vote (thumbs up) for someone else's comment. The more votes a given feature has, the more likely it is to be included.

If you think something is missing please feel free to add it in accordance with the guidelines on the front page.

Community Posts are referenced here... Please put comments/voting on this page...

For a list of Document Management features both implemented and suggested, see the proposal for Dynamic Content Modules

Description #

Tracks suggested improvements to the Document Library by community members and Liferay Inc. Please refer to this post for instructions on how to participate.

PLEASE resist the temptation to add feature requests willy-nilly; let's have a collective sense of ownership over these requirements and make them as clear and convenient as possible. That will increase the likelihood that the feedback contained herein will be absorbed and implemented by the Liferay engineering team and its community. Thanks!

Suggested Improvements - as of 9/2009 (post 5.2) #

  1. Different downloadable formats (guest or public & User)
    1. (post1)
  1. Delete
    1. Document must not be allowed to be deleted if it is referred some where in the portal. It must give a warning that the specified document link is already in use.
    2. Soft delete (move documents to trash without completely deleting)
  2. Search
    1. Full-text search on all document types: MS Office (doc, xls, ppt, docx, xlsx, pptx), OpenOffice (odt, ods, odp), PDF, txt, rtf (do we already have this?)
    2. Meta-data search: author, title, description, abstract, tags, publication date, expiration date
    3. Search n-levels deep (post)
    4. Make Search exclude all documents to which the user doesn't not have access. This includes NOT showing the title of the document. Example you search for yourself in the document repository and you find a document titled "Termination of (your name here)". Just giving away the title can be extremely problematic.
  3. Scalability
    1. Tested scalability to x repository items
    2. Default configuration to SAN mode?
    3. Ability to relocate the document store and/or parts of it to another local or non-local drive via the Control Panel
    4. Upgrade Jackrabbit version?
    5. Consider Day’s CRX drop-in replacement for Jackrabbit?
  4. Features / Capabilities
    1. When clicking the hyperlink 'no' or 'yes' it currently opens the document, instead of the expected behaviour that it locks or unlocks the document (inconsistent user experience).
    2. Besides 'add shortcut' to a single document, also 'add folder shortcut' to include complete folders from other communities. I am searching for a way to use the document library as a single repository from which files can be used in different communities. This is not possible at the moment. The shortcut to folder can help a bit in the intermediate stage, but more fundamentally it should be possible to have a document library which is the 'mother of all document libraries' in an organisational context (otherwise you find yourself duplicating files and folders in each community). -- Is this still applicable considering Liferay 6 now has Global Scope for Documents?
    3. Workflow folders: drop a document into a folder to trigger the start of a custom-designed workflow
    4. OCR component to convert TIFF and other unsearchable files to text
    5. Better / more useful default role definitions?
    6. Custom-definable business rules
    7. Manage user and instance quota disk usage
    8. Send a document by email
  5. View / UI Enhancements
    1. In document history it is not shown which user has updated a new version; this is not workable.
    2. Enhance document upload experience (it’s somewhat unintuitive right now when you upload multiple documents)
    3. Enhance the display of the meta-data in the current default folder view by eliminating columns and treating meta-data with primary and secondary color / font treatment. We can use the Social Office way of doing things or enhance it even more.
    4. Multiple folder views (icon, list, etc.)
    5. Create tree view of document folders
    6. Create customizable “My Home” tree view of document folders that can have shortcuts to folders from multiple communities
    7. Allow use of special characters in the folder and file names.
    8. Allow manual setting of revison number for those who are migrating from another document management system
    9. Allow storage in both file system and database
    10. Different file extensions per Doc Library (post)
  6. Better shared-drive capability
    1. CIFS
  7. Bug Fixes
    1. Eliminate bug where some documents uploaded go missing (post)
  8. Watch on documents (post)
    1. A provision must be given to uploader or admin so that he can watch on who is downloading the document. If a user enable "watch my document" then he will be intimated when other users downloads it.
    2. Provide the capabilities to download all or the current folder with all its documents in a zip file, so that the users can unzip it in any computer and have all the documents in the original structure. Ticket created

Suggested Improvements - Implemented #

  1. In-place editing: click on document, opens in browser or MS Office or OpenOffice, save directly back into repository and increment version. Note: post and post. Implemented in LPS-5214. If you are running IE, clicking on the file will start editing it in MS Office.
  2. CMIS implementation. Though the standard is still in flux, the 0.61 draft has been implemented: LPS-4486
  3. Add 'lock/unlock' function directly in the 'Actions' botton. LPS-6653
  4. Organize WebDAV folder by communities, users, and organizations (currently Organizations needed to be mounted one-by-one) (post) LPS-8986
  5. ImageMagick document previews: much like OS X, have documents auto-generate preview icons. LPS-13145
  6. Ability to point different parts of the Document Store to different logical or physical drives. LPS-13224
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Folder Shortcuts could be very helpful. S L B 2009/09/21 9:49
"In-place editing" or "Edit online" For MS... Claas Ruschmeyer 2009/09/22 8:51
What about the rest of us who don't use IE? My... Lisa Simpson 2009/09/24 14:29
Let us disuss here:... Claas Ruschmeyer 2009/09/25 1:54
@Claas See... Alexander Chow 2009/09/30 5:11
Allow for an ampersand '&' in the title. Andy Harb 2009/10/22 10:51
Can we have approval for the documents while... satya bhat 2009/10/24 0:14
This is available in Liferay 6 with our new... Bryan Cheung 2010/08/04 7:39
Different Downloadable Formats The Default... Auditya manikanta Vadrevu 2009/10/26 10:44
Disk quota I think it's a really important... Denis Signoretto 2009/10/28 6:48
scoping is critical here. organization-scoped... jeff Leitman 2010/01/22 9:46
vote for "watch my document" feature. ... Auditya manikanta Vadrevu 2009/11/04 23:02
I would have really enjoyed that 5.2 would have... Tomi Savolainen 2009/12/04 1:40
I vote for subscription to folder/files like... Marco Re 2010/02/19 3:27
We are currently working on full CIFS support... Janne Hietala 2010/03/02 2:08
*DROOL* SO I could just attach the document... Lisa Simpson 2010/03/03 10:19
We've done initial step of implementing CIFS.... Janne Hietala 2010/03/26 3:46
I've made post about CIFS implementation here:... Janne Hietala 2010/03/26 4:38
Cross communities view/scope of the portlet : ... equipe web 2010/09/29 6:30
I will be interesting to directly send a... Julien Lafont 2010/11/26 7:22
Point 1 (delete) I : I don't agree with this,... lou cat 2013/01/18 2:09
New feature: it would be nice to have a way to... lou cat 2013/01/18 2:11

Folder Shortcuts could be very helpful.
投稿日時:09/09/21 9:49
"In-place editing" or "Edit online"

For MS Office (XP, 2003 & 2007) and IE it can easily implemented with a ActiveX-control:
- look at­eb-client/source/web/scripts/webdav.js
- extend html/portlet/document_library/edit_file_entry.jsp
- testing... works great with WebDAV and Sharepoint (5.2+)
投稿日時:09/09/22 8:51
What about the rest of us who don't use IE? My full time employment is very Mac-centric with some Linux desktops. My consulting is what ever... Runs the gamut.
Claas Ruschmeyerへのコメント。投稿日時:09/09/24 14:29
Let us disuss here:­15#_19_message_4064915
Lisa Simpsonへのコメント。投稿日時:09/09/25 1:54
@Claas See
Claas Ruschmeyerへのコメント。投稿日時:09/09/30 5:11
Allow for an ampersand '&' in the title.
投稿日時:09/10/22 10:51
Can we have approval for the documents while uploading it in document library ? I mean it should be visible to other users once the document is approved by the admin.I am using liferay 5.2.3.
投稿日時:09/10/24 0:14
Different Downloadable Formats

The Default download format must be of same uploaded format but a provision must be given to uploader where he can mention different formats to different groups.­e/4187142#_19_message_4169630
投稿日時:09/10/26 10:44
Disk quota I think it's a really important missing feature.­ge/4064915
投稿日時:09/10/28 6:48
vote for "watch my document" feature.­ge/4231130
投稿日時:09/11/04 23:02
I would have really enjoyed that 5.2 would have had CIFS support for Document Library. Now we have to deal this issue in some other way.
投稿日時:09/12/04 1:40
scoping is critical here. organization-scoped quota and user-scoped quota are two different things, for instance. We need a tool to manage org quotas, but you could easily see where it would be useful to have a tool to allow org admins to manage their user quotas. we are using JCR / Oracle.

Denis Signorettoへのコメント。投稿日時:10/01/22 9:46
I vote for subscription to folder/files like messageboards categories/messages.
投稿日時:10/02/19 3:27
We are currently working on full CIFS support for Liferay. This will be an additional module, which you can deploy / run on separate server. We currently have working basic authentication and directory listing, browsing and search. I will make form post about CIFS support development shortly on forums.
投稿日時:10/03/02 2:08
*DROOL* SO I could just attach the document library to a Samba share..... That does absolute wonders for the issues with the WebDAV stuff. At least for us, VPN access for the remote users. All that needs to happen is to figure out how to get Liferay to index the document and load it into the right place.
Janne Hietalaへのコメント。投稿日時:10/03/03 10:19
We've done initial step of implementing CIFS. Basically we've done functionality to create shares, configure access to Liferay and how it connects to Liferay. You can create multiple shares with it and configure which folder / liferay instance is connected to each share. Next step is to implement file access / versioning and authentication. We will also release this 0.1 version at the forums after some refactoring.
Lisa Simpsonへのコメント。投稿日時:10/03/26 3:46
I've made post about CIFS implementation here:
Janne Hietalaへのコメント。投稿日時:10/03/26 4:38
This is available in Liferay 6 with our new workflow integration.
satya bhatへのコメント。投稿日時:10/08/04 7:39
Cross communities view/scope of the portlet :

If I belong to several communities I want to be able to view all documents of all my communities.
投稿日時:10/09/29 6:30
I will be interesting to directly send a document by email.
投稿日時:10/11/26 7:22
Point 1 (delete) I : I don't agree with this, if I have a document in many different places and communities and I need to delete it from everywhere, the easiest way is to delete it from the Document Library and not have it shown anywhere. A Warning is OK, but then I want to be able to do it.

Point 4-II : I'd like to understand this "global" scope as well, because it doesn't seem to work well as a global repository for the whole portal.
Also I probably didn't understand the use of shortcuts... maybe this would fill my need?
投稿日時:13/01/18 2:09
New feature: it would be nice to have a way to trigger (automatically or with a "button") a mail to all the organization members when a document has been uploaded.
投稿日時:13/01/18 2:11