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Enable ANSI colors in Windows command prompt

Company Blogs 14 aprile 2012 Da Igor Spasić Staff

Having colored text in the command  prompt is great thing for spotting error or success messages, especially when you work with git pr. Windows command prompt by default does not have this feature.

But do you remeber ANSI.SYS driver for DOS that enables this? I hope it was not that long ago :))) So I asked myself today, if we had this features back then, why not to have it again today. So I wanted to recode this; fortunatelly i searched first for existing solutions... and I've found a great one: ANSICON.

Do the following:

  1. Download from http://adoxa.110mb.com/ansicon/index.html or https://github.com/adoxa/ansicon
  2. Extract proper files, depending on your windows os: 32bit or 64bit
  3. Install it with: ansicon -i

Thats all. From now on, your windows command lines will be aware of ansi colors.

Read enclosed read me for more options. Note that I tried this on Windows 7 64bit.


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[...] As mention here and in this blog post,... Anonimo 1 luglio 2015 17.28
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[...] Thanks to this guy’s post, getting ANSI colors in your command prompt is a cinch! Here’s the readme I wrote: – CD x64 – Run: ansicon -I – CD back here – Run: type “ANSI Prompt Colours.txt” – Bask... [...] Read More
Inviato il 16/06/15 9.58.
[...] As mention here and in this blog post, you can try and install adoxa/ansicon. Install it with: ansicon -i It should allow Windows console to interpret correct ANSI colors. [...] Read More
Inviato il 01/07/15 17.28.
[...] as mention here , in blog post, can seek , install . install with: it should allow windows console interpret right ansi colors. [...] Read More
Inviato il 20/01/16 15.20.