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Gregory Amerson replied to Andy Wu's message board post, RE: Liferay IDE 3.01 - Downloads GA2 instead of GA3 by default, in Liferay.com.
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Péter Petrekanics commented on Gregory Amerson's blog entry, Dear Greg, Thank you for this blog, very useful. ....
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Gregory Amerson replied to Stan X's message board post, RE: IDE3.0.1 GA2 Could not execute build using Gradle distribution, in Liferay.com.
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Gregory Amerson replied to Paco Belloso's message board post, RE: Invalid sdk properties setting, in Liferay.com.
Gregory Amerson replied to Rocco Germinario's message board post, RE: Liferay IDE 3.0.1 update site problem, in Liferay.com.
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Gregory Amerson ha aggiornato LPS-67952.
Gregory Amerson ha aggiunto LPS-67952.
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