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settembre 8
Denis Signoretto commented on Bruno Farache's blog entry, Hi Bruno, to inject a new plugin we necessary have..., in Bruno Farache.
agosto 26
Denis Signoretto replied to Bruno Farache's message board post, RE: LRUploadData to send a png in custom Liferay method, in Liferay.com.
agosto 2
Denis Signoretto replied to Javeed Chida's message board post, RE: Setting Expiry Date for content does not seem to take effect, in Liferay.com.
Denis Signoretto replied to Michele Stoduto's message board post, RE: Tabella useridmapper, in Liferay.com.
agosto 1
commented on Denis Signoretto's blog entry, [...] NOTE: This article is based on previous work....
maggio 20
Denis Signoretto replied to Thirumal Reddy's message board post, RE: How to create long array in velocity template, in Liferay.com.
maggio 19
Denis Signoretto replied to Selva kumar's message board post, RE: Custom Log files for Portlets, in Liferay.com.
Denis Signoretto replied to quintino pitrelli's message board post, RE: Liferay 6.0 Context initialization context, in Liferay.com.
aprile 28
Vasanth Aey replied to Denis Signoretto's message board post, RE: Liferay Integration (SSO), in Liferay.com.
Denis Signoretto replied to Anjali Mashalkar's message board post, RE: OpenSSO with Liferay Redirect Issue, in Liferay.com.
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