TwoWay Authentication - DXP and 7.0

TwoWay Premium is a plugin providing Two Steps Authentication to access you Liferay portal instance.
Two steps verification adds an extra security layer for your Liferay Portal account by requiring user to enter a one-time verification code in addition to your username and password, when signing in to your account.

In this Premium version you'll find all traits of Lite version plus more enterprise features:
  • One Time Password can be delivered through EMail, SMS (using a Twilio APIs) and specific Apps (Google Authenticator, Authy, LastPass or other similar apps free available on platform specific store). These code are never persisted on DB in order to avoid security issue;
  • Backup Codes are generated and managed so user will be able to login to the portal using one of the backup code on lost / forget device event;
  • Application Specific Passwords are supported so, for example, you can activate TwoWay Authentication and still connect to you Document and Media Library folders using Liferay Sync, or interact with the Liferay API through SOAP or REST Web Services still keeping a higher level of security;
  • Every single users will find in their user preferences panel the option to configure their two way account but Portal Admin can force all portal users to use 2-Way authentication: a not yet configured user, after a successful basic authentication, will be redirect on OTP Configuration and it will can not proceed to usual navigation until a verified configuration;
  • IP whitelist: Portal Admin can now define several ip ranges (trusted networks) from which users will login w/o OTP, just using basic authentication or other. You can disable IP checks setting the specific portal properties "twowayauthentication.webserver.headers.forwardedfor=skip";
  • Compatible with "x-forwarded-for" reverse proxy settings.
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