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Trunk Development Guidelines

This article is about developing on trunk. For information on Trunk and how to set it up, see Trunk.

Introduction #

The Liferay Trunk Development Guidelines describe Liferay's recommendations for the development of Liferay Portal Core. This document is targeted to:

  • Liferay Core Developers
  • Liferay Community that want to contribute bug fixes and new funcionalities
  • Liferay portlets development that don't have their own guidelines yet may also want to use Liferay's to start with. An added benefit is that it'll be much easier for those developers to switch from their code and UI to Liferay's code because it will look very similar.

Interested Contributors #

Please see how to contribute to Liferay.

Consistency #

If we had to choose one word to describe Liferay's source code it would be consistency. You can see it everywhere from source formatting to UI widgets. From the Architectural Style to the ordering of methods within classes. Consistency is one of the reasons that has allowed Liferay to evolve so fast, and adopt new technologies such as Struts, Hibernate and Spring as they become the de facto standard.

The purpose of these guidelines is to document the current processes, coding styles, user interface components to keep the desired level of consistency. Every line of code committed to Liferay will be reviewed to guarantee conformance to this guidelines.

Guidelines #

The articles with all the guidelines have been organized as children of this article. See below for the full list.

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