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Subversion Guidelines

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This article is about Liferay internal guidelines for subversion. For information on subversion and Liferay's public repositories, see SVN.

This document is part of the Liferay Core Development Guidelines.

Introduction #

Liferay stores the source code and its versions in a Subversion repository in Sourceforge. This articles describes the rules that should be followed by all developers with commit privileges for every commit they make.

General Commit Rules #

  • Every commit should include a description of the changes made
  • Every commit should be associated with an entry for the Liferay Portal Community Edition (LPS) project in http://support.liferay.com (JIRA)
  • Include the LPS number in the commit comment. Example: LPS-4506. Fully document your change and attach relevant screenshots
  • Rebuild the codebase. The Liferay codebase should compile at all times.
  • Make sure your changes don't break any of the other related components. This will help us expedite the review process.
  • One commit per LPS. We would prefer that one atomic commit be made per LPS issue. This helps us in case we need to backport the changes to production branch.
  • After committing the code for a LPS, it is set as Committed in JIRA. That tells reviewers that it's ready to be reviewed. After the fix is reviewed its status is changed to Closed

Usage of branches #

  • Please commit your changes only to the main development branch (trunk)
  • If your change is a bug fix, write a comment in the JIRA issue to notify the branch maintainer to backport this fix. (e.g. "Please backport this fix to 5.4.x").
  • Every release branch (5.4.x, 5.5.x, ...) has a maintainer. Only the maintainer should make commits to it. He/She can also allow others to commit to it specific changes.
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