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This article discusses how to use the Eclipse IDE with Liferay.

Before you start #

If you haven't already, checkout and build Liferay from source then start Liferay Portal at least once, as described here: Getting started as a Liferay Developer in a few steps

Basic Configuration #

Download and install the Eclipse IDE.

Install Liferay IDE, the official set of Eclipse plugins for Liferay Portal development.

Import the 'portal-master' Eclipse project from source root. It should compile without errors right away.

Debug Liferay on Tomcat from Eclipse #

See main article: Eclipse Debugging Liferay on Tomcat

Run Liferay unit and integration tests from within Eclipse #

See main article: Eclipse Running Liferay tests

Let Eclipse enforce Liferay coding conventions #

See main article: Eclipse and Liferay coding conventions

See Also #

Eclipse Tips and Tricks

Optimal Liferay Core Development with Eclipse

Liferay IDE vs Liferay Developer Studio (TL;DR: LDS is an all-in-one Liferay and Eclipse bundle; LIDE are plugins you install on top of your Eclipse of choice.)

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Nice work Bijan! Been meaning to doc this... Ray Augé 18 aprile 2010 14.21
Hey can anyone tellme how to set up eclipse... Pankaj Sinha 26 aprile 2010 21.05

Nice work Bijan! Been meaning to doc this forever. Now I don't have to. Thanks emoticon!
Inviato il 18/04/10 14.21.
Hey can anyone tellme how to set up eclipse environment for liferay portals...i want to make and debug portlets from eclipse rather than SDK...plz help
Inviato il 26/04/10 21.05.