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Build Liferay IDE From Source

Liferay IDE Develop from source #

Get a copy of IDE source code #

  • 1. Download Eclipse Helios SR2 release
  • 2. Install Eclipse SDK
  • 3. Go to Help > Install updates
  • 4. Select Eclipse Project updates in the list of sites
  • 5. Select to install both Eclipse SDK and Eclipse Releng

  • 6. Install Subversion plugin for Eclipse (Subversive recommended)
  • 7. (Optional) use Eclipse marketplace client to install Subversive
  • 8. Downloaded the attached file project set file: liferay-ide-trunk.psf
  • 9. Go to File > Import > Team > project set, and chose the downloaded psf file.

  • 10. You may be prompted for username and password, just enter guest/ (leave password empty)

  • 11. When the import completes you should see the projects have been checked out from SVN and loaded in your workspace.
  • 12. The server.core will have a few errors. They can be resolved by adding a reference to portal-impl.jar and portal-service.jar from a local tomcat installation to resolve those references. They were not committed to this project to avoid uploading 15 mb worth of files.

Testing Liferay IDE from source #

  • 1. To launch the IDE for testing, go to Run > Run configurations
  • 2. Right-click Eclipse application and choose New
  • 3. Edit the details of configuration as you see fit

  • 4. Then click "Run"

This will launch a new eclipse workbench that will contain the existing workbench plugins plus all of the plugins that you just imported.

Tips for working with Eclipse SDK #

  • 1. Increase JVM memory to 512m or 784m in eclipse.ini
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What happened? Following the instructions... Gregory Gendron 6 marzo 2011 12.46
Well, the project set file is a little bit out... Gregory Amerson 6 marzo 2011 22.32
Thanks! Got it. By the way, I wasn't... Gregory Gendron 7 marzo 2011 13.20
The psf file link is broken. Could you please... Adi Bart 26 settembre 2011 15.36

What happened? Following the instructions resulted in a functioning Eclipse plugin, but where can I find an explanation of what was going on, especially with the project set file? Was it working with svn or with the files I had already checked out? I am an Eclipse user, I have even written a couple of simple Eclipse plugins for work, but this just blew me away!
Inviato il 06/03/11 12.46.
Well, the project set file is a little bit out of date. Let me update it with the latest.
Inviato il 06/03/11 22.32 in risposta a Gregory Gendron.
Thanks! Got it. By the way, I wasn't complaining, just trying to express my amazement at how a project set file works: seems so magical.
Inviato il 07/03/11 13.20 in risposta a Gregory Amerson.
The psf file link is broken. Could you please update it? Cheers!
Inviato il 26/09/11 15.36 in risposta a Gregory Gendron.