BugSquad - Liferay Portal 6.2 CE Milestone 4 Testing

Introduction #

Liferay has released the fourth milestone build of the next version of Liferay. This milestone includes most if not all of the bug fixes based on the feedback from the bug squad in previous milestones, as well as several new features.

Features #

These are some of the new features included in Milestone 4 that you may be interested in testing. As usual, Liferay is using a JIRA Structure to visualize new features ("Stories") in each Milestone. You can see the Milestone 4 Stories, or visit the overview of Stories for all Milestones.

Power User Features #

  • LPS-32143 As a user I can search within the attachments in Wiki and Message Boards
  • LPS-32478 As a DDM user I should be able to use Doc Library to upload files
  • LPS-32306 As a DDL administrator I should be able to use field type "Image"

WSRP Features #

  • LPS-32242 Dynamically add WSRP Portlets via add-default-resource

Site Admin Features #

  • LPS-32191 As a user selecting parent organization I will see available organizations in dialog window
  • LPS-32144 As a site administrator I can filter the visible set of users in the Directory portlet
  • LPS-31946 As a site administrator I can enable RSS feeds of upcoming events in the Calendar portlet
  • LPS-31683 As a site admin, I want to be able to leave the "number of days that elements are left in the recycle bin" with the same value the portal admin has set for the whole portal
  • LPS-29499 As a Site Administrator I will be able to display content from other sites through Asset Publisher

Portal Admin Features #

  • LPS-31871 Searchable portal/system properties via Server Administration->Properties
  • LPS-32349 As a plugin developer or system admin I can deploy OSGI bundles into the Liferay portal
  • LPS-32297 As a site administrator I can select folder as facet in the search configuration
  • LPS-32296 As a site administrator I can select scope as facet in the search configuration
  • LPS-31945 As a site administrator I can select user (owner user) as facet in the search configuration
  • LPS-31941 As a portal administrator I can create a Password Policy with regular expression validation
  • LPS-32487 portal.properties setting to have the Dockbar Manage links open as maximized portlets
  • LPS-30842 As a portal administrator I can define custom fields for roles

Developer Features #

  • LPS-31125 Ability to pass JSON objects in JSON Web Service method calls
  • LPS-32630 As a Plugin Deployer I can redeploy blacklisted WAR files without restarting the JVM
  • LPS-32777 Add Json WebServices discovery document
  • LPS-32200 As a Liferay Marketplace Developer, it should be less time consuming and less error prone to identify and declare necessary PACL declarations
  • LPS-31392 As a developer I should be able to build AlloyUI components and CSS using a command line builder tool

Collaboration Features #

  • LPS-29766 Ability to show/hide RSS Feed links for portlets like Wiki, Blog, Message Boards, Social Activity, and more
  • LPS-27894 Export calendar bookings as .ics (iCal) file
  • LPS-27473 GRP Calendar - User should be able to overwrite default calendar color
  • LPS-27471 GRP Calendar - Color doesn't appear on "Manage Calendars" view on Firefox
  • LPS-1083 Able to crop my profile image prior to uploading
  • LPS-31948 As a registered user I can subscribe to the Document and Media repository or to specific folders and specific document types

Web Content/CMS Features #

  • LPS-29106 Add Application Display Templates support for Wiki
  • LPS-29077 Add Application Display Templates support for Tags Navigation
  • LPS-29026 Add Application Display Templates support for Categories Navigation
  • LPS-28894 Add Freemarker support on ADT Framework
  • LPS-28328 Add Application Display Templates support for Blogs
  • LPS-28155 Apply Recycle Bin to Message Boards
  • LPS-26266 Recycle bin: allow restoring of deleted documents from Documents and Media portlet
  • LPS-25794 Improve management of Web Content (Folders and new UI)
  • LPS-31954 As a user of an ETL tool I can send bulk upload requests to Web Content
  • LPS-31951 As a web content administrator I can see the activities done on web content by other administrators within the site
  • LPS-31949 As a registered user I can subscribe to a list of content published through Asset Publisher
  • LPS-33022 Support for drag web content to the Recycle Bin in Control Panel

Bugs Fixed #

You can view the list of bugs fixed in this Milestone here.

Known issues and limitations #

TBD - Will be filled in as issues are identified.

How to report bugs and suggestions #

We are going to use an slightly different process this time to make the communication fully open.

The developers working on 6.2 will be monitoring the reported bugs and suggestions to provide timely answers.

Downloads #

To obtain the Milestone 4 build, download one or more bundles:

Where are the plugins? #

Any plugins that should be tested with the milestone (if any) are included in the bundles by default, but are not built separately.

Building Portal and Plugins Manually #

If you are interested in trying out any of the open source plugins with Milestone 4 (for example, to see if a bug still exists in a plugin), you can build them yourself. Here is an example that should work on Unix/Linux/MAC (Windows developers can easily translate this to their own tool chain). This will download the portal source code and plugins source code, build the portal, and build the knowledge-base-portlet (as an example), and deploy it to the newly-created portal, and finally start it up.

$ mkdir /tmp/foo
$ cd /tmp/foo
$ wget --output-document=portal.zip --no-check-certificate https://github.com/liferay/liferay-portal/archive/6.2.0-m4.zip
$ wget --output-document=plugins.zip --no-check-certificate https://github.com/liferay/liferay-plugins/archive/6.2.0-m4.zip
$ mkdir bundles
$ unzip -q portal.zip
$ unzip -q plugins.zip
$ cd liferay-portal-6.2.0-m4
$ ant -f build-dist.xml unzip-tomcat
$ ant all
$ cd ../liferay-plugins-6.2.0-m4/portlets/knowledge-base-portlet
$ ant deploy
$ /tmp/foo/bundles/tomcat-7.0.34/bin/startup.sh
$ tail -f /tmp/foo/bundles/tomcat-7.0.34/logs/catalina.out
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How could I find this release in github? ... Ákos Gábriel 20 febbraio 2013 11.11
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How could I find this release in github?

Inviato il 20/02/13 11.11.
We need to tag it at https://github.com/liferay/liferay-portal/tags and remember to do this for each milestone emoticon stay tuned.
Inviato il 20/02/13 13.49 in risposta a Ákos Gábriel.
M4 tag is up: https://github.com/liferay/liferay-portal/tags
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