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Activities Portlet

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Introduction #

The activities portlet displays portal wide user activity, such as posting on message boards, creating wikis, and adding documents to the document library.

Use Cases #

The activites portlet is like Facebook's news feed: you can use it when building a social networking website, or if you would like to add a feed to your user's private pages and/or profile.

Activities portlet will show user activities only when placed on user Public or Private page.

Warning #

Activities portlet "View document" and "Go to folder" links get "Document and Media" portlet to show documents or folders. But you have to place the portlet on the page! If there is no "Document and Media" portlet on the page, "Not found" error appears. On trunk, Activities portlet works together also with "Documents and Media Display" portlet.

Because of documents and media library makes the "View document" and "Go to folder" links, these are probably works all in the "Activities" portlets (Members activities, Friends activities).

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Thanks again! Derek Nerenberg 7 maggio 2010 6.55
How can one extend the activities to include... Aaron Daubman 29 ottobre 2010 10.20

Inviato il 07/05/10 6.55.
How can one extend the activities to include things done in custom portlets or even other assets?

e.g. "User Xyz added an App listing in the App Portlet"
Inviato il 29/10/10 10.20.