4th Edition

Errata for Liferay Portal Administrator's Guide, 4th Edition #

Covering Liferay Portal 6.0 #

Installing on Tomcat #

Liferay requires an additional .jar on Tomcat installations to manage transactions. You may find this .jar here: http://www.oracle.com/technetwork/java/javaee/jta/index.html. Place this file in Tomcat's lib/ext folder.

In the section on configuring JAAS, the Liferay class moved to a different package. The correct, fully qualified name of the class should be:


Installing on Glassfish #

For languages other than English to be supported, the following line needs to be added to the



Installing on JBoss #

Without the following lines in portal-ext.properties, Liferay EE 6.0 SP1 will not start due to a Jboss 5.1 bug.


Certificate Authority #

The instructions for exporting a certificate from Active Directory in the LDAP section of Global Server settings are incorrect. Please follow the below instructions instead.

Install the Certificate Authority on the Active Directory server. Click Start -> Administrative Tools -> Certificate Authority. Highlight the machine that is the certificate authority, right click on it, and click Properties. From the General menu, click View Certificate. Select the Details view, and click Copy To File. Use the resulting wizard to save the certificate as a file.

This file can now be imported as described using Java's keytool.

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