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Moayad Abu Jaber
ice:selectOneMenu fire validation even if immediate specified true
22 dicembre 2011 2.49

Moayad Abu Jaber

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Hey All,
I'm faced some problem with ice:selectOneMenu this component have partial submit (ajax) depend on this value will change other components.
the problem is when the value selected that fire validation phase even though when specified the immediate attribute to true.

I I tried the same scenario on native JSF application outside the portal environment it work fine without fire any validation phase.
P.S: the command button with immediate attribute work fine.

is this issue in portletfaces?

and any expected date for releasing the 2.0.1 version?

and this version will solve the redirection issue (like maximize through putting url attribute or even through the liferayfaces)

hope to see the answer for this question,

best regards
Moayad Abu Jaber
Neil Griffin
RE: ice:selectOneMenu fire validation even if immediate specified true
4 maggio 2012 9.32

Neil Griffin


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Hi Moayad,

Is ice:selectOneMenu or redirection still an issue?



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