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Yves LeGrand
How to embbed the same article in layout?
1 marzo 2012 8.49

Yves LeGrand

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Hello Liferay and friends.

We need to have the same footer-contents on some pages which are using the same layout template.
So we have embedded an asset-publisher in this layout-template. But unfortunately this asset-publisher does not share its preferences among the different layouts which are using the layout template.

We have embedded it by: $processor.processPortlet("101"_INSTANCE_abcd)

Is this not possible? How can we set the same set of preferences to this asset publisher or maybe a webcontent display portlet?
For instance, we need something like this: Show the latest webcontent which is tagged by "footer".

Please let me know how you would do that.

I think there must be a solution :-)

Ram Manusani
RE: How to embbed the same article in layout?
1 marzo 2012 11.10

Ram Manusani

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Yes, it is possible.

Try adding this to the layout template page(.tpl file)

Let's say you are wanting to remove the borders for the portlet...

$velocityPortletPreferences.setValue("portlet-setup-show-borders", "false")
$theme.runtime(101_INSTANCE_abcd", "", $velocityPortletPreferences.toString())

Follow the same and try setting values for the specific property you want to change.