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Asier Hernández
Translation portlet
14 febbraio 2012 9.52

Asier Hernández

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I would like to know if there is some module for Liferay 5.2 or higher already developed to ease the web content translation.

I am thinking about something easier than a Workflow proccess, such as an access to the Control Panel or web in which you could see a list with the contents without transtlation and a simple panel (oriented to translators, people without knowledge in Liferay) where they could place the content translation and save them.

I don't know if I have explain myself clearly enough.

Thanks a lot.

Best regards!
Hitoshi Ozawa
RE: Translation portlet
24 marzo 2012 7.11

Hitoshi Ozawa

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Well, is using Pootle to get liferay's messages translated. I don't think there any plan on creating something similar to it for the portal.