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Geoff Ruscoe
Upgrade to Social Office 1.5b
14 ottobre 2009 10.07

Geoff Ruscoe

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What is the best way to migrate from a previous release of Social Office to the newest (1.5b)?

We are using a mysql backend. Without finding any information on this all I could come up with is:

backup database
point new instance to database
start up and see what happens

backout plan
shutdown new
restore database
startup old.

And while I think that's a fine plan and all I don't want to bother if we know it won't work or if there is a way that does work.

Surely someone has tried this, right?
Jonas Yuan
RE: Upgrade to Social Office 1.5b
14 ottobre 2009 10.17

Jonas Yuan

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Hi Geoff,

The SO is a special portal instance, with special theme and hooking portlet so-portlet. If you remove so-theme and so-portlet, the SO (1.5b) will become a normal portal (5.2.3).

Thus the upgrade processes are 100% same as that of the portal.

Hope that it helps

Jonas Yuan
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